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artHash is a new collaboration by Tom Ritchford and MovingPictures.Gallery (Benton C Bainbridge and Eric Barry Drasin)

artHash is a free, open-source system for digital artists to publish unique fingerprints of their work.

A hash is a unique fingerprint of a document: a short string of numbers and letters computed from the data in a digital file. That file will always return the same string of characters whenever it is ‘hashed’; however the hash may not be decoded to reveal the contents of a file. Thus, hashes may be shared publicly to fingerprint a digital artwork without exposing it to unauthorized copying.

Dragging documents and directories onto the artHash application generates this unique string using the high-quality SHA-256 algorithm. Upon generation of the code, the hash is published by artHash and can be disseminated to prove the identity of digital artworks.

The published artHash allows creators to demonstrate the primacy of their claim to any intellectual property in the form of a digital media file.


Tom Ritchford has been writing software for over 35 years and C++ for over 20 years. Ritchford has worked for Google, Drexel Burnham Lambert, Earthweb, and most recently Ripple Labs.  As Tom Swirly, Ritchford performs live with lasers and LEDs with his own custom software at One Step Beyond at the Rose Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, and at other places around New York City. Tom Swirly performs a live music show on the EWI electric wind instrument with his own software controlling DMX lighting.


Benton C Bainbridge is a media artist based in the Bronx. Working with custom systems of his own design, Bainbridge creates immersive environments, interactive installations and time-based artworks. Bainbridge teaches “New Forms in Media” at School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art. Benton’s generative browser artwork “justasecXYZ #3” recently showed at the MFACA exhibition “Techtonic Shift” and online at justasec.XYZ. Bainbridge’s commercial studio, Intersection Arts, recently completed the 9th season of One Step Beyond at American Museum of Natural History. Currently, Benton C Bainbridge’s work is included in the exhibition “Signal to Code”, exploring 50 years of electronic and digital artwork and ephemera held in the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art at Cornell University.


Eric Barry Drasin is a Visual Artist, Musician and Curator working at the intersection of Digital Media, Installation and Realtime Audiovisual Performance.  He investigates ideas of Network, Community and Score through interactive performance environments, public interventions, impossible gestures and games.