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Co-founder – Benton C Bainbridge is a media artist based in the Bronx. Working with custom systems of his own design, Bainbridge creates immersive environments, interactive installations and time-based artworks. He has shown across 5 continents, collaborating with artists including Beastie Boys, Kaki King, Pauline Oliveros. Benton has been the resident media artist at American Museum of Natural History’s monthly event “One Step Beyond” since its inception.

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Co-Founder – Eric Barry Drasin is an artist and curator working at the intersection of digital media, performance and installation.  Over the last few years he has produced some of the most compelling Realtime Media Exhibitions in NYC, working with the most exciting artists to emerge in the medium.  He is the founder of the Fast Food video art collective and has exhibited and performed at galleries, theaters and museums throughout NYC.