Performative Editions: Jonas Bers

Moving Pictures Gallery is pleased to announce our second Performative Edition at Creative Tech Week NYC. A single channel audiovisual performance by Jonas Bers,  will be recorded and livestreamed before a live audience.  

Performative Editions is a conceptual experiment in which artists improvise within the Moving Pictures Gallery platform to measure cultural value in a post-blockchain era.  

Bers’ video and sound feed will be recorded, then excerpted; these singular media artworks will be archived when they are uploaded to a secure, permanent storage system and assigned a unique code – the “hash”.  

The editioned works will be exhibited, and available for purchase for the duration of Creative Tech Week between May 1 and May 8.   

The Performative Editions assert a near-future ecosystem at the intersection of emerging technologies and societal attitudes. In this possible future, Digital Media Artists and their patrons can assert the value of their ethereal artworks.

About Jonas Bers:

Based in the Hudson Valley, Jonas Bers works with video and sound in the noise and DIY aesthetic; using improvised electronic and electroacoustic instruments, video installation and projection, feedback loops, circuit bending, glitch, drone, recursive images, and video as a sonic medium.

May 1, 7pm

 Performative Editions: Moving Pictures Gallery at Creative Tech Week

Moving Pictures Gallery, Bronx NY

RSVP for Invitation, limited capacity.

email to RSVP – 

Livestream available via